Accounts Payable and Expense Management

With GovAP, improve your A/P processing efficiency by decreasing costs and time spent routing, copying, filing, and following up on issues or incomplete forms.  With duplicate invoice recognition, reduce the risk of paying for an invoice more than once.  Improve cashflow management through real-time dashboards, queries, and reports; easily selecting expenses for export by payment date, preventing late payments and early payments.  Electronic storage of invoices, forms, approvals, and notes provide quick and easy access to all historical expenses for years to come.

Accounts Payable Management

Accounts payable management

Decrease the amount of time and steps it takes for account payable processing and management through GovAP.  Approved vendors can email their invoices directly into the department dashboard and automatically populate the invoice form with key information such as vendor, invoice number, invoice date, and invoice total to begin the accounts payable process.  Itemize expenses by account code and add detail with timestamped comments, attachments, and more.


employee reimbursement and expense management

Employees can automate and simplify the expenses reimbursement process through electronic submittal.  Capture pictures of receipts from your phone to easily create and submit expense forms.  Using the mileage calculator, quickly determine the amount of reimbursement, without mathematical error.  Electronically approve and route, then track the status for reimbursement.

Accounts Payable Management Approval

Routing and Approval

Electronically route accounts payable forms and employee reimbursement expenses to approve or deny requests, while messages inform users of potential duplicate invoices or upcoming due dates.  Email notifications keep users informed when approvals are required or forms are changed or adjusted.  User access rights determine who has the ability to change each field, after approval.  Additionally, vendors can track progress for individual invoices without requiring user account setup or login.

Accounts Payable Management Reporting

Reports and Budgets

Customize and view real-time reports of dollars spent per vendor, account, individual, and more.  Share your account budget and expense reports with internal staff, or with the public to gain organization transparency.  Use the GovAP application as a repository to search for and query historical invoices and expense forms – never file another invoice again!

Accounts Payable Management Integrations

integrations and payments

Integrate with your financial system to import vendor and account code lists, daily, into GovAP, maintaining administrative tables and keeping both applications in sync without data entry.  Approved expenses can be exported from GovAP into your financial system.  Expenses can be exported by suggested payment date, designation type, vendor, and more. 

Check details can be pulled back in to GovAP to fully automate the payment process and ensure that payment details can be matched to expenses.

Accounts Payable Management

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system Integration


GovAP is a fully integrated and automated A/P management application that allows agencies to electronically receive, route, approve, and file invoices easily and effectively. Dave Frischmon, Carver County Property & Financial Services Director, looks for GovAP “to provide visibility to invoice processing and more timely payment of invoices to better manage County cashflows”.

With the seamless IFS ePort integration, GovAP connects with IFS to automatically update and maintain the vendor and account code list in GovAP, send invoice details into IFS, and pull in payment details to display in GovAP. Says Frischmon, “We are thrilled about eliminating the duplicative, manual claim form process where our Division Accountants manually prepare claim forms and then Finance staff manually enters the claim form data into IFS with GovAP which uses IFS’s new ePort feature to create a seamless integration for invoice data. The seamless ePort integration between IFS and GovAp will also allow us to validate account codes and vendor information at the beginning of our process rather than the end of the process.”
— Dave Frischmon, Carver County Property & Financial Services Director