An infrastructure asset management solution designed to keep all of your infrastructure asset data in one location for easier analysis and planning.

WorkCentral gives you a birds-eye view of infrastructure assets along with quick access to details whenever you need them. View past maintenance activities, current asset conditions and locations. WorkCentral also gives you the flexibility to choose how and what items you want to track.

Mobile Asset Management

Mobile data capturing

Capture information in the field using a tablet or other mobile device– assign a rating, log maintenance activities, take note of damage, or utilize the onboard camera to take and attach a picture. Need accurate location tracking? Utilize the tablet’s GPS position to mark the location of an object or to find the appropriate record.

GIS Asset Management

GIS Centric

Already have GIS data? Import GIS layers to display assets or use third-party maps. You can also import data from other software applications or spreadsheets without development work; simply map the fields to import and GO!

Asset Management

Unlimited infrastructure assets and details

What assets need replacing this year? When was the last time a bridge was maintained? How long ago was a culvert put into service? Customize the assets and fields you would like to track or import to find answers to your common questions. Create reports and share with others to provide internal tracking or even external parcel owner queries.

Asset Management sketching


Capture locations, elevations, coordinates and measure pipe length using high accuracy, centimeter GPS and Mobile WEB Devices. Version Control tracks and reports changes that occur between routine inspections.

Asset Management

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Morrison Soil & Water Conservation District





Assets currently managed by customers:

  • Culverts
  • Pavement
  • Signs
  • Bridges
  • Roads
  • Water and Sewer Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Monuments