RTVision Announces Partnership with NewEdge Services

RTVision recently launched a program designed to engage strategic partners that offer services and technology in compliment to each other, and the company is proud to announce its first member to the program, NewEdge Services based in Frisco, TX.

NewEdge Services was formed in 2015 to service clients’ specific needs in the GIS, Asset/Work Management, and Cloud Hosting markets. “Many communities around Texas are experiencing growth at exponential rates, making it impossible for the local government to effectively scale services to constituents and maintain internal process efficiency,” said Brad Daugherty, President of NewEdge Services. “By partnering with RTVision, we are able to leverage their enterprise-level community development software, OneGov, to help our clients continue their growth while maintaining top-level service and efficiency.”

“I am very impressed by the expertise, ambition, and success of NewEdge Services, and I am very excited to welcome them as our first strategic partner,” said Jonathon Blissenbach, VP of Strategic Partnerships for RTVIsion. For more information about the partnership program, contact Jonathon Blissenbach at jonb@rtvision.com.

Since 1999, RTVision has helped local governments and their constituents be more efficient with paper-intensive processes. OneOffice, their first product built for construction project management, was designed in partnership with Minnesota counties. That same collaborative design and development approach has been used to develop products focused on needs in public works, community development, finance, and many other areas in local government.