Optimum HRIS is added to RtVision's Partner Network

RTVision has been serving Local Government Agencies since 1999, streamlining and automating paper intensive management processes with easy-to-use applications.  With a customer-centric focus, RTVision works closely with our customers to develop intuitive and customizable solutions that address agency specific challenges while optimizing operations.

The Company’s time keeping solutions, Time Basic and Time Plus, are web-based applications that electronically track time and attendance for any department, with a convenient payroll integration for easy processing.  In addition to the hours, hour types, time off request, and expense tracking found in Time Basic, Time Plus records details related to activities, projects, roads, jobs, as well as, equipment and inventory use. Together the solutions provide real-time access to data, giving customers the information they need to keep their budgets and projects on track. 

The partnership between RTVision and Optimum will provide customers a more comprehensive integration that further connects and automates HR, payroll, accounting, and timecard functions across all departments.