OneGov and FetchEH Partner to Provide Robust Environmental Health process automation and data analytics

RTVision & Amalgam have entered a partnership to integrate their distinct technology capabilities to create a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive, environmental health services workflow automation and analytics platform.

 OneGov, from RTVision, has proven to be one of the most dynamic web-based workflow automation platforms built for local government, currently being used to automate all activities of tens of thousands of onsite wastewater septic systems. Through the single platform, the public may apply for permits, the environmental health staff can review, schedule, and complete inspections; and contractors can receive their information in real time.

 FetchEH, from Amalgam,is a one-of-a-kind, GIS-integrated septic system site plan and design tool, used to create site plans that are to scale and mapped in their true location on a property. These plans are not-only paperless, but they include data fundamental to assessing system risk that other systems cannot.

 Through the integration of OneGov and FetchEH and expansion of capabilities into all aspects of Environmental Health, such as food and pool inspections, the two companies are introducing a solution that not only provides robust paperless automation, but also leverages data of both systems for comprehensive system risk assessment. Through algorithms run against system age, maintenance dates, inspection reports, soil boring analysis, proximity to fresh water, and other attributes, FetchEH can calculate and visualize the risk rating for all systems in a given region. With dynamic business process management, OneGov connects all relevant parties with real-time data access, automatic notifications, custom form creation and approval, system integrations, and more.
The capabilities continue to quickly emerge and expand, so contact Jon Blissenbach ( or Ken Curry ( to learn more.