CHANGE. The Only Constant.

A recent issue of TIME magazine is devoted to a topic that is near and dear to all engineers and especially those of us involved with the management of road & bridge operations and public works projects. The featured article is entitled "What It Will Take To Rebuild America" - it is filled with the "C" word, lots of "change" in replacing technology that is more than a hundred years old to extending technology that is but a few years old. I encourage you to review it to better appreciate how technology has been such a great force for good in our communities and in serving the public. To better serve the public, RTVision strives to provide real time solutions for the efficient management of road & bridge operations and public works projects with the latest technology.

I always enjoy reading the ENGINEERING MINNESOTA magazine, and the cover story of a recent issue was "How Technology Is Changing Engineering". The focus of this article is the use of drones for bridge inspections. Another "change" that managers of road & bridge operations and public works projects will be dealing with and just may be a new opportunity in asset management with RTVision's WorkCentral. Have you heard about the Missouri DOT testing solar roadways - wow, that is change!  Could be a new challenge with RTVision's pavement management program.

And, here's an interesting statistic that technology no doubt has played a role: the average life expectancy for men 100 years ago was 47; today it is 76 - that is real change.

by Duane A. Blanck, P.E.

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