Less paper, More benefit

'Paperless' is a term you hear everywhere.  From receipts, to bills, and financial statements...  Everyone wants their users or consumers to 'opt in' and go paperless. But why? Are there actual benefits?

GovLoop outlines four major benefits for government agencies going paperless, and the reasons are pretty similar to why you might expect a public company to want to use less paper:

1.  Decrease your budget for printing, scanning, faxing/mailing, and filing paper, so you can increase spending elsewhere. By spending less time and money on pushing paper, more time and money can be spent on impactful and critical areas.

2.  Everywhere you go you see self-service options. Citizens and even government personnel are increasingly looking for convenient access to information, anytime and anywhere.

3.  More instant results and streamlined processes. Creating and providing optimized, best practice processes provides benefit only if they are followed.  Going paperless ensures that the same process is followed each and every time, while automatic rules can be used to prevent manual errors.

4. Online tools can help you to gather and analyze information. Be more responsive and agile to changing employee and citizen needs than you could be with paper.

While moving from paper intensive processes can seem like a daunting task, the benefits are plenty.   RtVision has a number of solutions to help you start streamlining your paper processes, today.