How dynamic is your business platform?

Technology is changing the world around us at a faster pace so it is important that the technologies you use allow you to keep up and be agile. Static, ‘one size fits all’ applications limit your ability to do so. Customizable and dynamic applications that can be molded to each agencies unique, ever-changing needs and requirements are essential.

By the time you purchase a business productivity tool, your needs may have already changed. If you are using a static platform and database, that means that you will have to hire developers to make adjustments to your platform. While you might have envisioned a need for your permit management application to help manage land permits for building and zoning permits, did you plan for solar farm regulation as well? Solar farms and parks are no longer limited to desert regions and are now popping up in fields in every region of the US. MACPZA provided a local government toolkit for solar planning and zoning. As an agency tasked with zoning, permitting, and regulating this new industry, utilizing a dynamic, low-code business platform allows you to quickly create a new permit and business process to ensure you can effectively track and manage this new industry without adding development time and money.

Using a dynamic and agile permit platform also has allowed agencies to quickly adopt licensing and permitting processes to regulate new industries such as short-term rental applications, wireless colocators permits, and pet licenses, and more. Without the ability to quickly implement permits and track inspections for new industries, agencies can lose valuable time in establishing a regulatory process which could take years to correct.

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