Construction Project Bundling with OneOffice

During the most recent NACE conference, the FHWA gave a presentation on bundling projects as a way to reduce cost and expedite project delivery. But what is project bundling and how can each agency effectively adopt this form of project management?

Project bundling “draws upon efficiencies found through project delivery streamlining, as well as benefits from alternative and traditional contracting methods”, according to the FHWA website on Innovation. Project bundling can consist of grouping projects together across multiple government agencies or across multiple work types as a means to streamline design, increase efficiency of resources, and improve procurement pricing.

In order to effectively bundle projects, agencies should look to technology and web-based applications to minimize management workload, share project data across agencies, and easily move projects from one contract to bundle to another as project data changes. Through use of applications, like OneOffice, agencies can more effortlessly embrace project bundling:

  1. Central database and project management tool - Through use of an application that allows access control rights and real-time data sharing, multiple agencies can customize access control based upon each agencies involvement and needs, allowing users to co-manage and collaborate on a contract that consists of projects across various geographical locations, spanning multiple government agencies. Additional benefit is recognized with the ability to track who is making changes to the data, when the changes occurred, and what changes were made.

  2. Create 5-year plans - With a fully integrated application and customized database, track important metrics and planning information that is relevant to your needs. Engage the public by sharing your plans and pulling in crash information, public safety concerns, and more.

  3. Bundle projects under a single contract - With a web-based application, real-time changes can be made to your projects. Easily bundle multiple projects under a single contract, with the flexibility to easily move projects from one contract to the next as plans evolve.

As the FHWA describes, project bundling is a proven practice that ‘capitalizes on the economies of scale’. Through use of innovative, web-based technologies, incorporating project bundling at your agency can easily be accomplished and provides several project advantages.