City of Brainerd Uses RtVision’s Construction Management Platform to Improve Construction Management Efficiencies

The City of Brainerd became the 24th city in the State of Minnesota to purchase the OneOffice construction project management platform.  Brainerd is a city in central Minnesota, with a population of approximately 13,000 people and is the county seat of Crow Wing County.  The County also uses the OneOffice platform to manage their construction projects, providing synergies with stakeholders who access project information, download plans, submit electronic bids and sign project documents.

OneOffice manages engineers estimates, project and item funding, plan downloads, bid advertising and electronic bidding, project inspections, reporting, and more.  From early project planning to project completion and archiving, the web application guides users through the construction management process, maintaining all project data, electronically, in one location. OneOffice also helps to bring all project stakeholders together via a seamlessly integrated platform; providing relevant project access for contractors, suppliers, District State Aid Engineers, State Auditors, County/City officials, Commissioners, and more.

The City of Brainerd saw immediate benefits after purchasing OneOffice due to the time savings in project development, partial estimates, bidding tabulating, etc...  “OneOffice makes our entire process more efficient from feasibility to final completion”, said Paul Sandy, Assistant Engineer at the City of Brainerd.  He added, “The ability for field staff to enter data in the field remotely and to get the data into OneOffice automatically will save the City a lot of engineering time and expense.”

As part of streamlining their construction management process, the City also started to use electronic bidding via BidVAULT.  Paul Sandy, City of Brainerd Assistant Engineer, described the first bid opening experience, with BidVAULT saying, “We had our first online bid opening using BidVAULT a few weeks ago.  The actual bid opening itself took less than 5 minutes and with the use of the online forms and Surety2000, we were easily able to view all of the required documents to be submitted with the bid.  Tabulations of the bids were extremely efficient and the City had everything posted to the eGram site within 30 minutes after the opening.  Typically, when paper bids were submitted, City staff would receive numerous phone calls from contractors asking who the apparent low bidder was.  The City received no phone calls after the opening, which saved staff a lot of time.  The data that OneOffice can produce comes in many different forms and is very useful in the evaluation of bid results and has also saved numerous hours of staff time to date in project development, bid opening, and tabulating.  I anticipate that we won’t be seeing many more contractors attending bid openings because of the ease OneOffice/eGram/BidVAULT provides through the project development and bid opening processes.”  Mr. Sandy added “For the reasons stated above, I would have no reservations of recommending OneOffice to any governmental agency.”

OneOffice has a wide-spread customer base with 117 customers across four different states; with customers ranging from cities, to counties, to consultants.