The City of Rochester, MN opened their first bid on Tuesday, using BidVAULT (powered by UCCS, a RTVision subsidiary).  BidVAULT enables agencies to enter bid values and populate bid documents electronically, in a secure environment.  Project owners are able to view and export bid data to create and post project abstracts within minutes of opening bids. 

Russ Kelm of the City of Rochester commented, "The online bidding through BidVAULT has saved the City staff time (at least 1.5 to 4 hours) in interpreting and entering the bid information, as well as scanning the Bidder's paper documents.

Surprisingly, no Bidders took the time or expense involved in attending the Internet bid opening.  In the past, Rochester has had bidders from as far as two hours away, drive in with the paper bid documents, adjust their last minute bid items over a long distance phone call, seal the bid in the envelope, attend the opening, and later drive back to work.

The ease, accuracy, and timeliness of this process is shared on both the Owner and Bidder side of the process.  The only comment I've heard through the switch to the Internet process is 'it's about time'."


During the first two months of 2017, 35 projects from 8 different agencies have been posted or opened on BidVAULT.