Carlton County, MN Automates with RtVision

by Wayne Fingleson, P.E.,  RTVision Liaison Engineer

Carlton County is a County in MnDOT District 1 with a population of about 36,000. Its Transportation Department is responsible for 486 miles of roads (including 293 miles of CSAH routes) and for 91 bridges.

RTVision products have helped Carlton County to improve the management of Road & Bridge operations and Public Works projects. The improved efficiency from these helpful tools is referenced in the following statements from Mike Tardy, County Engineer, Mark Linnè, Highway Accountant and Milt Hagen, Assistant County Engineer.

Mike Tardy stated, "OneOffice has streamlined our contract management. Through eApproval, the time needed to collect the signatures of the owner, contractor, and DSAE for contract changes is significantly reduced - at times to a matter of minutes. Tracking IRAs, daily and weekly diaries, changes, etc. have made contract administration much more efficient. OneOffice makes it possible to share in real time contract information."

Mark Linnè, Highway Accountant, added, "Both OneOffice and Timecard Plus are HUGE timesavers for me. They have eliminated lots of redundancy which provides increased efficiency for our Department."

Assistant County Engineer Milt Hagen stated, "Carlton County has worked with RTVision on many solutions for our department. One solution we have implemented is their online Utility Permit. While this was a big change for Carlton County, it has reduced our permit turnaround time and reduced time spent by personnel managing permits. With a step-by-step process it's easy for Utility Companies to fill out the necessary information, and with automatic email notifications the County and Applicant easily track the progress of their application."

Engineer Mike Tardy offered the following comments about RT (Real Time) Vision products. "Carlton County has been using RTVision's online Overweight/Over dimension moving permits for several years. It has significantly reduced the permit turnaround time and processing cost. I can be watching a Twins game at night in my recliner, hear my smartphone buzz, review the entire permit request - route map, and description, load to be hauled, configuration, schedule, insurance information, state permits, etc. and take the necessary action all in a matter of a couple of minutes. I usually do it in between innings. Whether the permit is approved, returned for revisions or rejected, the mover appreciates the quick response. Enforcement can be unpredictable, but with timely and efficient processing, I am confident that movers on the county system are now more likely to request a permit and do the right thing."  He went on to say, "The County has used RtVision's Timecard Plus for the last few years.  This user friendly program has convenient drop down menu options which have significantly reduced the amount of time for employees to complete their daily timesheets.  Labor, equipment, and material is tracked by project number and work activity.  This information is then electronically merged with our cost accounting system, which can then produce the reports necessary to operate our business.  TimecardPlus tracks the employees' vacation, sick leave, and PTO balances in real-time."


RTVision would like to congratulate Mike Tardy on his retirement from Carlton County effective March 31. Mike has had a very impressive career including four years at Carlton County and 4 1/2 years at Cook County. He has also served in MnDOT for 21 years in various capacities including Assistant District Engineer (Program Delivery, Maintenance, and Operations), and DSAE in Districts 1 and 3. Mike also worked at Caltrans for 7 years. Congratulations, Mike, on an outstanding career!