Celebrating Minnesota Local Government OneOffice Successes

It is the 15th anniversary since Morrison County, MN began using OneOffice to manage their construction management projects and 14 years since they asked the LRRB (Minnesota Local Road Research Board) to complete a study on use of OneOffice to automate their construction project processes.

One of the problems the County faced was that many of the project construction processes required duplications of information, both in the office and in the field.  While it had been managed successfully by Morrison County, duplicating this information allowed room for error and increased time, adding extra, unforeseen costs to projects.

As part of the LRRB study, Department staff directly compared managing the reconstruction of 4 miles of CSAH 24 via their current project management tools, versus management with the OneOffice application.  The reconstruction project took 20 weeks to complete with nearly 100 contracted items and three contract changes.  For a two-week period of time, Engineering staff tracked their time performing the tasks using both project management methods (their current paper process, as well as OneOffice) across two functional areas: field inspection and funding management.  The time required of each method was then extrapolated over the entire project duration.

The study found that the use of the OneOffice application saved substantial time by eliminating redundant data re-entry.  For this individual project, a total of 39 hours of staff time was eliminated in the two areas of OneOffice that were evaluated.  Based upon time spent on each project management method, it is estimated that in the area of field inspection there was 28 hours of staff time eliminated using OneOffice, with most of the time savings attributed to the automatic creation and distribution of the required State forms, reports and documentation.  In the area of funding management there was 11 hours of staff time eliminated using OneOffice, with much of the time savings attributed to the automatic creation of the pay requests, as well as integration into financial and costing systems.  Not only did OneOffice show proven time savings, but it also helped in the reduction of data entry errors by minimizing or entirely removing data re-entry.

To date, 77 Minnesota counties and 22 Minnesota cities have used OneOffice to manage nearly 12,000 projects, totaling over five billion dollars.  Using the LRRB's study, the time savings by using only two functional areas of the OneOffice application equates to a total of more than 450,000 hours saved!