Koochiching County Opens First Online Bid

Koochiching County (International Falls, MN) successfully opened its first online bidding project on June 26th, 2017.  bidVAULT, powered by ‘UCCS’, allows contractors to easily fill out and submit bid prices and documentation, while also seamlessly integrating this data into RTVision’s flagship, OneOffice construction management, software.

Eric Norstad, senior technician for Koochiching County Highway Department, stated “I like how you could check to make sure all the documents had been signed, so instead of sitting in a room with everyone watching as you go through the bids to make sure everything is signed electronically is the way to go.  All of your results are instant and then all you have to do is send it to OneOffice and everything is tabulated for you.  In the past we would spend an hour or two to enter the bid data and now it is all entered for you”.

Usage of bidVAULT continues to rise as agencies with less than 13,000 population to agencies with over 1,200,000 population utilize bidVAULT to save time and money for both their department and partners.