Burleigh County, ND processes FEMA work using TimePlus

Burleigh County, in North Dakota, purchased RTVision’s TimePlus application as a way to track and manage operational work and maintenance project costs, material and part inventories, and equipment maintenance/repairs.  Terri Ziegler, an Account Manager at Burleigh County, stated, "Once the information has been entered, several different types of reports can be generated. One of these reports captures and lists out all information tied to the time entered for each project…everything from employee hours and salary, to equipment hours and rates, along with materials used and costs. The reports calculate all cost per entry and a grand total of the project."

With TimePlus, employees can enter project, activity, equipment, and inventory information, in a mobile environment and office managers can view and approve these entries, real-time.  The application manages multiple hourly and equipment rates, as well as inventory costs providing ongoing operational oversight and real-time custom project, activity, and employee cost reporting.

Specifically, Terri uses TimePlus to track detailed FEMA information required by the federal government.  In past years, Burleigh County has had hundreds of damage sites that required FEMA restoration work, as well as preventative measures for flooding.  The Missouri River runs through Burleigh County, and nearly every year, Burleigh County must track and submit employee and equipment costs related to FEMA work.  In past years, Terri would take hand-written time sheets and manually calculate labor and equipment costs.  She would then re-enter that information into a FEMA report for submission; taking countless hours to compile and process FEMA related work.  Now, with TimePlus, labor hours and equipment usage, including a notes section to give a detailed description of work, are entered electronically, seamlessly feeding custom cost reports. These reports can be directly submitted directly to FEMA without having to reenter information onto different forms; saving time and producing information much more quickly.

"The TimePlus application has helped Burleigh County save hundreds of hours in preparing FEMA reports. All entry into TimePlus is completed from timecards daily,” stated Terri.  "One of the great things about the TimePlus application is being able to specify labor and equipment rates as required by FEMA...This allowed me to match my reports exactly to the report I received back from FEMA to verify accuracy, which was another huge time savings."