Clay County, MN Saves Money with Web-Based Time Tracking

After the initial view of the software, what concerns did you have about implementing an electronic time card solution? How did the employees/staff react to discussions about moving to an electronic time card solution?

We were mostly concerned with the ability of Time Plus to accommodate all of our different time codes. We were also concerned with computer access for outlying highway shops that didn’t have internet access. Most employees were excited to hear that we were getting an electronic time card solution and even those who weren’t, actually like both solutions.

During the implementation phase, how were your initial concerns addressed? Was the implementation completed in line with how long you expected it to take?

We went through all of our codes and explained how each worked with RTVision staff. We found that our concerns were addressed. Implementation was completed in an appropriate amount of time.

During the training phase, were employees/staff able to easily pick up on how to enter their time electronically? Were employees with less technical capabilities/experience able to pick up on entering their time electronically?

Employees learned how to use the product very quickly. Even those with very little technical ability learned fairly fast.

Please briefly describe the time card process prior to implementing an electronic system.

Most timecards were done in an Excel spreadsheet, printed, signed and given to the Auditor’s office for processing.

Please briefly describe the time card process after implementing an electronic system.

Timecards are completed and imported directly into our payroll system. Each employee enters their time, staff reviews the information, this data is moved directly to the payroll system.

Based on the difference between #4 and #5, are you satisfied with the efficiencies/time savings relative to the cost of the software? Do you have an estimate of the total dollars savings each year as a result of the electronic time card system? What are some of the items you considered in our cost savings estimate?

We are satisfied with the efficiencies created by the Time Plus software. We estimate our savings to be over $28,000 per year.

Find out more on how Clay County calculated their savings and ROI by dowloading the full case study below.