Infrastructure construction and cost management

OneOffice is a complete infrastructure construction project management solution from project funding allocation through pay requests. Efficiently manage infrastructure and maintenance projects, while keeping Agencies, Consultants and Contractors in sync with access to real-time information to keep projects in compliance and on track.

Construction Project Management Funding

Funding Allocation & Management

Drowning in spreadsheets? Dynamically build project and item-specific funding setup, with the ability to modify throughout the course of the project. Construction project management project funding allocation is then used to create funding reports and pay estimates/vouchers; while eliminating cost overruns and gaining financial control with built in audit features.

Construction Project Management Procurement

Project Procurement

Create a custom project management webpage by attaching project plans, creating an advertisement for bids, and providing bid item and plan holder lists. With 9 different plan download options available (including online payments), you can customize your access rights and automate your plan holder management.

No fax – no problem! Ensure that all bidders have the same, current information by sending automated emails when new project addendas or messages are added. OneOffice tracks when users view and access project documents. Using online bidding, create a seamless integration to import plan holder bid values, generating bid tabulation results within minutes.

Construction Project Management Change Orders

Construction Administration & Change Management

Too many file cabinets? Minimize risk by maintaining all construction project management records and documentation, electronically, in one location. Track important project details, dates, and project responsible individuals. Record change management information and electronically sign documentation to prevent costly project delays. Real-time data can be shared with all necessary parties, including consultants, contractors, and other agencies; ensuring that everyone has the most current information to keep the project in compliance and on track.

Construction Project Management Inspections


Manage all of your project inspection data in one location, wherever you go. Inspection tools provide you with project access with or without internet connection, allowing access no matter where you are. Item transactions automatically populate pay estimates/vouchers while notes and contractor/equipment tracking provide daily reports, reducing errors and streamlining your construction project management. Short of words? Take photos to provide project details that only a picture can describe.

RTVision and their staff are very accommodating and they have a great understanding about the needs of engineers.
— James Grube, P.E. Director of Transportation and County Engineer, Hennepin County