Crash Data Analysis

A web-based, data analytic tool that allows you to import and link crash, road segment/surface data, traffic volume information, and more, from multiple sources.  You have full control and access to your data and import structure to completely customize and update as data format changes.  With our dynamic reporting tool, create customized reports that can be exported into various formats and shared with the general public or for those with appropriate security rights.

Crash Data Reporting

Custom Data Mapping & Integrations

Create User Defined data mapping to easily customize and change data imports.  Import data for traffic counts to help determine the most accident prone roads and intersections, by traffic volume.  Integrate with GIS to display crash information using different filtering criteria, showing crashes by various conditions and severities.

Crash Data Analysis

Statistical Analysis & Data reporting

Incorporate statistical rates and create custom algorithms to determine 3 and 5-year crash averages, intersection and road segment crash rates helping to provide necessary data for creating long-term budgets and transportation safety plans.

Generate reports that detail crashes by road segment and intersection, road/intersection type, weather and lighting conditions, collision type, crash severity, vehicle type, driver/passenger data, and more.

Crash Data Analysis