Land Use Permit Management

A land use permit management solution that automates the permit process for easier, more efficient permit management for both the applicant and the agency. With OneGov applicants have the flexibility to submit land use permit applications online anytime. Email notifications and mobile-enabled viewing, make it easy for your agency to keep on top of permit review, approval, and enforcement in or out of the office.

Land Use Permit management

Business Process Management

Customize the data you collect for your land use permits.  Add custom sections and fields to capture all of the fields your agency requires.  Using access control rights, provide specific security rights to each section or field, providing complete control over who can access and edit information.  History and event logs track field changes made, providing audit trails for data management.

Automatically add special provisions or terms & conditions based upon information entered by the applicant; or manually select special provisions for the permit when reviewing.  Fees can be automatically calculated and added to the application, based upon type, area, or other conditions, while still providing the flexibility to manually add additional fees or refunds at a later time.

Land Use Permit forms and reports

Forms, reports, and dashboards

Applicant and employee dashboards help to quickly find land use applications or permits, providing easy access to current applications and historical permits.  Employees can view incomplete applications to assist applicants throughout the permit process.

Reports and forms can be customized to display the information you need in the format you want.  Quickly and easily create year-end reports, inspection reports, and more; then display reports in tabular view, or show in a calendar or map to better visualize the land use permit locations and dates.  Export reports into various formats or share reports, maps, and calendars with other employees, public users, and even other agencies.  

Forms and documents can be automatically created and emailed to approved applicants, providing official permit cards that can be used for enforcement, and accessed from mobile devices.

Land Use Permit workflow

Workflow Manager

With OneGov, data entered by the land use permit applicant can determine how many approvals are required and what agencies should be involved.  Dynamically add or remove fields and sections based upon applicant responses in prior fields.  Real-time application modifications enable applicants and agencies to remotely work together on questions, adjustments, and issues.

Applicants can flag approved permits as ready for inspection, and copy expired permits to quickly and easily create a new permit.  With expiration time-frames, status updates, and automatic notifications, land use permit applicants can be informed as their permit changes status, or if it will expire soon.  Auto-renew or renew existing permit options provide ease of use for applicants and help maintain permit compliance.

Land Use Permit integrations


Integrate with mapping services, GIS, and tax systems to help land use permit applicants specify their location from a map view, or by property.  With online payments, applicants can pay for one or multiple septic permits quickly and easily, through a single transaction.  Custom integrations into document management systems and financial systems are also available.

Land Use Permit inspections

compliance Inspections

Whether a land use permit requires a single inspection or ongoing site visits, OneGov is able to meet your inspection needs through custom field and form creation, electronic approval, GPS location/coordinate tracking, field sketching, photo/media attachments, and more! 

Applicants have the ability to electronically request inspections; while inspectors can schedule inspection and site reviews from a calendar view.  Automate inspection assignments based upon the district or location of the land use permit, decreasing manual interaction and increasing responsiveness.



Types of Land Use Permits created in OneGov:

Land Use Permit

Land Alteration Permit

Wetland Permit

Subdivision Permit

Grade/Fill Permit

Vegetation Alteration Permit

Well Water Tests

Well Water Permit

Recreational Vehicle Lot Permit

Land Use Permits

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