Minnesota Counties go 'live' with RTVision's OneGov

Three Minnesota counties were added to the list of counties and cities who are using OneGov to manage their Transportation permits online.  Steele County, St. Louis County, and Freeborn County, are now managing the following permit types in OneGov: House Moving Permit, Annual Moving Permit, Oversize/Overweight Permit, Utility Permit, Annual Utility Permit, and Access/Driveway Permit. 

OneGov is a permit management solution that automates the permit process for easier, more efficient permit management for both the applicant and the agency. With OneGov applicants have the flexibility to submit permit applications online anytime. Email notifications and mobile-enabled viewing, make it easy for your agency to keep on top of permit approval in or out of the office.

With over 50 different types of permits managed, OneGov provides customizable and flexible permit management for all permit, license, and registration types.

Check out these live sites!

St Louis County

Freeborn County

Steele County


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