Clearwater County Purchases RTVision's TimePlus

Clearwater County, located in Northern Minnesota, purchased RTVision's TimePlus time tracking application to manage project and activity tracking for the Public Works Department.

TimePlus is a real-time, web-based application that not only tracks time and attendance information for payroll, but also provides project and activity tracking necessary in Public Works Departments.

Clearwater County joins half of the counties in Minnesota in using a RTVision timecard application.


About RTVision, Inc.

RTVision, Inc. is a technology company, based in Minnesota, with web-based, hosted solutions in a multitude of sectors, including: land acquisition management, construction project management, time management, permitting & license management, and maintenance/asset management. With over a decade in the industry, RTVision has customers in both public and private sectors, from small to large agencies; across the United States.