Kanabec County Purchases RTVision's TimeBasic

Kanabec County, located in North Central Minnesota, purchased RTVision's TimeBasic time tracking application to manage time tracking for the entire County.

TimeBasic is a real-time, web-based application that provides time and attendance management; eliminating redundancy, increasing productivity and decreasing costly errors that can be made with manual time submission.

Kanabec County joins nearly half of the counties in Minnesota who use a RTVision timecard application.


About RTVision, Inc.

RTVision, Inc. is a technology company, based in Minnesota, with web-based, hosted solutions in a multitude of sectors, including: land acquisition management, construction project management, time management, permitting & license management, and maintenance/asset management. With over a decade in the industry, RTVision has customers in both public and private sectors, from small to large agencies; across the United States.