Chippewa County, WI and LaCrosse County, WI purchase OneGov to Manage Highway Permits

Chippewa County, WI and LaCrosse County, WI join several other local government agencies in the State of Wisconsin to move their Public Works or Highway permits online with RTVision’s OneGov customizable permit platform solution. Through OneGov, local government agencies can move away from paper permits and provide users with 24/7 access to create and manage permits and licenses. With workflow process automation, automatic notifications, and user dashboards, OneGov creates benefits for both agencies and the public alike.

About RTVision, Inc.

RTVision, Inc. is a technology company, based in Minnesota, with web-based, hosted solutions in a multitude of sectors, including: land acquisition management, construction project management, time management, permitting & license management, and maintenance/asset management. With over a decade in the industry, RTVision has customers in both public and private sectors, from small to large agencies; across the United States.