RTVision Partners with NACE to Provide Concern & Issue Reporting Application for Members

RTVision recently partnered with NACE (National Association of County Engineers) to provide an online safety issue and concern reporting tool that is free for NACE members to use. This online application allows the public to easily submit the information and location of safety-related concerns and issues, such as potholes, missing/downed signs, debris in road, and more.

While some agencies have phone numbers or forms on their website, this free to use tool provides the public with an easy to use interface and helps to automate notifications and improve processes. The NACE-member County will receive an email notification of any submitted issues and be able to track assignment and resolution details for each issue. The public is also able to receive an email notification once the submitted concern is addressed.

In addition, the County has access to query and report on historical issues to help identify larger scale issues that may need to be incorporated into a capital improvement plan, while the public has access to see limited issues that are open, to reduce the number of duplicate calls and submissions that a County may field.

If you are a NACE member and would like to sign up for this free to use site, please visit the NACE website then click on the ‘Quick Link’ for ‘Safety and Issue Reporting’ to sign up!