A time and attendance solution designed to meet the needs of agencies needing to have real-time visibility of projects, shifts and work events within the work day.

With Time Plus, viewing the most current project funding, equipment usage and labor status is easy.

Project Time Management

Custom Setup and Automatic Accruals

Does your organization need to track pay types for certain groups or individuals? With TimePlus, you can create custom timesheets for groups or even individuals; allowing employees to see pay types that are only relevant to them. Automate overtime and comp time accruals by week or pay period for each employee. Setup automated shift differentials by time and/or day for easier rate increase tracking.

Project Cost Reporting

Payroll/Cost Account Integrations and Online Access

Accessibility for employees, accountants, and payroll! With almost a dozen different payroll integrations and multiple cost account integrations, we provide a seamless connection to send hours, pay types, activities, and project data to various systems. With mobile access and accessibility to view and track timesheets anywhere and anytime you have Internet connection, employees can have complete access and control of their time tracking information.

Project Time Reporting

Summaries and Reports

Unsure of how much PTO you have? Employees and supervisors can view real-time reports that show time off data and generate warnings when employees surpass any PTO limitations. Supervisors and payroll personnel can create pay type and hour reports for any date range.

Project Time and Cost Management

Request for Time

Using electronic request for time off or extra pay types, employees and supervisors alike can easily track requests and approvals. In addition, once approved, entries show up on the group calendar and is entered onto the timesheet.

Project Time and Cost Management

Project, Activity and Equipment Tracking

What was the cost to maintain a road over the past year? How many miles was a vehicle driven and what was the cost to maintain it over the past year? How much inventory was used in the past month? Within seconds, find the answer the questions like these by using a guided interface to create ad hoc reports and queries. With TimePlus, enter project and activity data, as well as equipment and inventory usage for a full scope time and activity tracking solution.

Project Time and Cost Reporting

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Clay County, MN

Carlton County, MN

Burleigh County, ND & FEMA

Wood County, WI

Time Plus in Public Works has saved me at least 1.5 hrs a day in data entry and we have eliminated the cost of printing time cards which was running $3000 per year.
— Dawn Timmer Highway Accountant Jackson County, MN
FEMA was able to take the Labor and Equipment report and do all their entry directly from the report. I was able to just run the report for a specific project, quickly look over the report and give the report to the FEMA officer for input into their system. This saves Burleigh County hundreds of hours from transferring timecard information to FEMA spreadsheets by hand where the chance of making errors is high.
— Terri Ziegler; Account Manager, Burleigh County, ND