Time is money. Make sure you are spending it wisely with TimeBasic Time and Attendance.

Save time and reduce expenses with a web-based application that electronically tracks time and attendance for all county or city departments.

Custom Time and Attendance

Custom Setup and Automatic Accruals

Does your organization need to track time and attendance pay types for certain groups or individuals? With TimeBasic, you can create custom timesheets for groups or even individuals; allowing employees to see pay types that are only relevant to them. Automate overtime and comp time accruals by week or pay period for each employee. Plus, setup automated shift differentials by time and/or day for easier rate increase tracking.

Need to record and track employee expenses?  Add expense tracking so employees can track reimbursable expenses, all in one location.  Then quickly create a summarized report to view daily, weekly, monthly, or annual data.

Time and Attendance Payroll Integrations

Payroll Reports and integrations

Payroll can review and audit timesheets with read-only access or full read/write access.  Automatic email reminders inform users if their timesheet is tardy and warning messages help users provide accurate information on their timesheets.  Standard time and attendance reports provide real-time reporting for basic payroll activities and functions, while optional custom reports can create a multitude of queries and reports to fully utilize timesheet and expense data.  Reports can be exported into various formats, allowing for further review and/or integrations with other applications.  Time Basic integrates with numerous payroll systems to reduce time spent reentering data, creating a seamless connection to any payroll system you use.

Time and Attendance Access

ANYTIME access

Accessibility for employees, supervisors, and payroll; anytime, anywhere!  Access your time and attendance data wherever you have Internet connection.  Employees and supervisors can see timesheet entries, historical time data, expense reimbursement requests, and time and expense reports, real-time.  Payroll and Auditors can be setup with access rights to view all data, as well as lock department timesheets once payroll integrations are complete.

Time and Attendance Reports

Request for Time & Time Off Balances

Using electronic request for time off or extra pay types, employees and supervisors alike can easily track requests and approvals. In addition, once approved, entries show up on the group calendar and is entered onto the timesheet.  Employees and supervisors are able to see real-time, time off balances and accruals, providing warning messages if time off exceeds the available balance.

Time and Attendance


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Clay County, MN



Wright County at first had some reservations about moving to an electronic TimeCard system. However, still utilizing a paper system wasn’t a good process to continue using in 2012. We were impressed with RtVision after seeing a demonstration and noticing their successful work with other Minnesota Counties. Our employees adapted very well to this new process and this solution helps Wright County limit the printing of paper for timesheet recording. With the seamless integration into payroll we don’t have to worry about information being entered incorrectly into payroll. Our supervisors enjoy the convenience of the program and the ability to accept/reject timesheets and approve them electronically. We are very happy with our decision and the service we have received working with RTVision.
— Bob Hivala Auditor/Treasurer Wright County, MN